About "Yellow Tape Foundation"

"Yellow Tape" is a community of IT specialists from Dnipro, Ukraine, who have come together to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces following the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine.

Since February 24, 2022, we have been providing targeted assistance to various military units that include our friends, relatives, and loved ones.

Our goal is not only to protect their lives but also to systematically enhance the capabilities of these units in their fight against the enemy.

We procure not only vehicles, optical instruments, quadcopters, and sources of energy but also everyday items that make the lives of military personnel somewhat more ordinary, such as energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes, and so on.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have raised over 11 million UAH and publicly report on every cent spent.


Mission and Values

Our primary mission is to stand alongside those who have changed their ordinary lives and stepped up to defend Ukraine.

Since 2014, "Yellow Tape" has been one of the symbols of the fight against Moscow's aggressors. It is also the thing that holds things together, and now more than ever, we need to be united like never before.
We stand united with our defenders. There is no other front but the one where the enemy is being defeated, where the highest price is paid. We cannot stand aside and shift responsibility onto others.
We do not stop when faced with obstacles. Finding ways to implement projects in any situation is crucial because the well-being of Ukraine's defenders depends on it.
In times of such adversity as war, many people need assistance. While we wish to help everyone, systematic assistance is much more effective, as it increases capabilities and saves lives.

How to help us

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We everyday report about every spent cent in our social media and in Google sheets

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Anatolii Tukhtarov
iOS developer
Olexii Panaschenko
JavaScript developer
Petro Poddubnyak
Android developer

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