Who we are?

Before the full-scale invasion, we were just ordinary programmers, writing code, enjoying life, dreaming, and being involved in various useful and not-so-useful activities. We also supported the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but more with money than with actions. Everything changed after February 24th...

Now we have our own small but very important project - the Charity Organization "Yellow Tape Foundation".

We provide targeted assistance to many units, including the 60th Separate Infantry Brigade, 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade, the assault unit of the State Special Transport Service, wounded soldiers, and other charitable foundations. We deliver everything, from cigarettes to drones, thermal imagers, and vehicles.

Why do we have this name? Because yellow tape has been a symbol of our struggle since 2014, also it fastens and puts things together and now we need to pull together as well!

Glory to Ukraine!


Our results

Spent for help
> 15 000 000 uah
10 pickups Mitsubishi, Nissan and 1 bus
16 thermal imagers binoculars, night vision devices
86 quadcopters FPV, Mavic, Autel
and UAS 'VALK-1'
200+ medical aid kits and a lot of medicine
40+ Tactical kits, tactical vests, etc.
Batteries, sun panels, generators, Starlinks, etc.

How to help us

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We everyday report about every spent cent in our social media and in Google sheets

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